Strengthening Health System Responses to Gender-based Violence in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

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Steps of an effective intervention of health professionals to gender-based violence

This chapter explains the different steps of an effective intervention of health professionals vis-a-vis a female patient who is a potential survivor of GBV: identifying GBV (section 3.1), undertaking a medical examination and providing medical care (section 3.2), documenting GBV (section 3.3), and risk assessment and safety planning (section 3.4). Referrals to other services needed are addressed in chapter 4.

Annex 2 provides a flowchart illustrating a possible sequence of the different intervention steps in the health system response to GBV, based on international examples and as outlined in the present chapter. In their daily practice, health care professionals will need to follow any protocols, guidelines and guidelines existing in their countries and specific clinical settings.

For each step of the intervention, health care providers should observe the key principles and standards for service provision (human-rights based approach, gender-specific approach, women-centred approach), as specified in chapter 2.5. In particular, all actions taken should be guided by the respect of choices, wishes, rights and dignity of the survivor.