Strengthening Health System Responses to Gender-based Violence in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

A resource package

Monitoring and evaluating health system interventions to gender-based violence

Monitoring and evaluation of interventions against GBV enable health care professional to maintain or improve the quality of their work. The information and data generated can help to identify lessons learned so that existing approaches can be adjusted and made more effective and efficient. Further, monitoring and evaluation systems that are based on a participatory approach also allow for greater transparency and accountability. Therefore, monitoring and evaluation can and should be integrated into the daily work of health professionals and other service providers.

This chapter provides a definition of the concepts of monitoring and evaluation (section 5.1) and explains their rationale and benefits (section 5.2). It addresses ethical considerations in evaluating interventions against GBV (section 5.3) and explains how monitoring and evaluation can be integrated in the different phases of an intervention (section 5.4). Further, it introduces different evaluation approaches (section 5.5) and provides practical tips for designing and implementing evaluations (section 5.6).